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Contact Centers

Learn how Red Box can help contact centers to improve service, performance and resolve disputes. Explore further
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Financial Sector

Find out how Red Box is helping financial institutions comply with strict regulations. Explore further
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Public Safety

Learn how Red Box's secure and resilient recording solution captures critical and emergency communications. Explore further
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Discover how Red Box's cost effective recording solution helps public sector organizations deliver outstanding services. Explore further
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Capture & Replay

Learn how the Red Box solution provides swift access to information by capturing voice communications. Explore further
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Workforce Optimization

Discover how Red Box can enhance quality and performance by identifying training needs of employees. Explore further
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If your organisation has call recording needs, learn how to achieve compliance with Red Box. Explore further
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Incident Reconstruction & Auditing

Discover how Red Box can help to piece together and deliver important communications for disclosure. Explore further

Call Recording & Voice Recording
Red BoxLeading the Way

Whatever your voice recording requirement is Red Box voice and data recorders can provide a solution to meet your needs and application regardless of device. Red Box supports more platforms than any other provider and leads the way on converged recording. Combine all this with the robustness and stability of the products plus our unique proactive monitoring and alerting services package and you have the assured performance that results in peace of mind.

Products and services are industry specific with features relevant to the customer’s sector (financial institutions, contact centres, public safety and government etc.) and their particular needs in the context of multimedia recording or simple audio voice recording. For example in the context of financial services the product includes a ‘Compliance Bundle’ that comprises Trader Replay Authorisation, Call Safe (legal hold), Trade Reconstruct and Analytics.

The Red Box Smart Data Platform and API (Application Programmable Interface) extends Red Box solutions beyond standard customer implementation by providing a link to other environments such as secure cloud server storage, network operations providers and third party applications.

An established provider, Red Box voice and data recording systems are sold and supported around the world with solutions available through our telecoms partners, systems integrators and our reseller networks, all backed by Red Box’s agile and responsive development and support teams.

If your requirement is to record, monitor, store, retrieve and playback incoming or outgoing recorded telephone calls, accurately, quickly and securely all or any combination of devices i.e. phone, mobile, radio, video, VOIP or email messages, then connect with Red Box. All solutions are designed to be efficient and scalable, for example any number of channels or devices from 10’s to 1,000’s.

Our customers tell us that they like our robust technology and its ease of use and integration, our friendly yet highly professional approach, and our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that they get precisely what they want, all at a charge that represents real value for money. It is this combination of factors that has allowed us to displace our larger competitors in some prestigious accounts around the world.

In the finance sector we are justifiably proud to have the world’s top five banks and the world’s top five brokers using our products and systems. Call Centres using Red Box include Toyota and Fujitsu, Government users in the UK include HM Revenue & Customs and the NHS whilst Public Safety Customers include the Metropolitan Police and Network Rail. It is reassuring that we have the trust of these significant organisations and many more around the globe.

Because we listen, to our telephony and technology partners, our resellers and end users we are always working hard to meet the changes and challenges this dynamic market generates. Our innovation is driven by the desire to meet customers evolving requirements and it is not therefore innovation for innovations sake. One thing you can be certain of is that no product is released until we can be sure it meets our exacting requirements for robustness and stability! If you need a particular voice recorder feature then simply ask.

A prime example of Red Box innovation that is gaining real traction in the market is the ‘Red Box Insight’ product that provides advance alerting of potential issues before they occur. End users using communications recording to support business objectives need to rely on the system to be available and operational at all times. Any potential adverse threat to recording should be identified and solved before it impacts on the business (e.g. running out of disk capacity). Systems resources – wherever they are located in the customer’s environment must be monitored against thresholds and advanced warnings provided. This product continues to evolve and with it so does our analytics and ability to predict events before they actually occur.

The company was originally founded in 1988, and for the call centre that experience means efficiency in issue-resolution, communication handling improvements and agent effectiveness. Red Box Recorders are designed to be easily integrated into the contact centre infrastructure or into an organisation’s CRM system (online browser-based or local). There is a host of add-ons including for example, the QM package for training purposes. This provides pre-selected or random call recordings to contact centre supervisors which provide the basis for agent evaluation. Supervisors can replay or download calls which can be and scored against pre-set of customised evaluation forms and offer the opportunity for agent specific coaching. If payments are taken over the phone or online we ensure that DSS data security standards are met and the operation is PCI compliant.

In the Public Safety sector Red Box is the leading expert in the capture, storage and retrieval of electronic communication that is so vital to organisations that need to be highly responsive to events and to minimise reputational risk. The Red Box solution ensures reliable monitoring with active checks; delivering predictive warnings and instant notification of issues affecting mission critical individuals and systems. No competitor can match Red Box for reliability, depth and breadth of monitoring or efficiency in event reconstruction and investigation.

Common to all sectors is Assured Performance.