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Our transcription service further enhances the capability of your Red Box recording solution. It can help you to not only ensure compliance but also to save valuable time, whilst gaining even more insight from the conversations taking place in your organisation. With seamless integration into market leading CRM, compliance archiving and analytics platforms Red Box Recorders’ partnerships mean you can access, control and combine your transcriptions to provide a holistic view.

✓ Support of 55+ voice platforms

✓ Text output includes call metadata and speaker separation

✓ Easily exported and imported into Business Information systems

✓ Available in over 29 languages and growing


Extend the analysis of spoken voice with accurate and timely transcripts that can complement audio capture and retrieval. As a tightly integrated component of our core recording engine, audio can be captured and transcribed from over 55 platforms, ensuring you get the fullest picture, every time.


Gain additional value through the insight gained from captured data. Whether that’s supporting compliance, making investigations and event reconstruction easier, or supporting training requirements. With communications transcribed to text, everyday conversations are turned into valuable data.


With the ability to quickly search for specific words and phrases, you can ensure compliance is being achieved whilst reducing operational costs and saving time in the process. Transcribed calls make information easily accessible and auditable for supervisors, auditors and regulators, who can review more calls in less time with more specific criteria.


Speedy and precise text illustration of audio conversations makes dispute resolution more efficient and reliable with more readily available data, being able to get to the required point in conversations faster.


By using transcribed data to analyse trends from customer conversations and identify patterns in customer behaviour, you can improve customer experience and gain better insight into how staff are dealing with customer calls which, in turn, can be used to help upskill your team.


It is a huge challenge for many organisations to get a full picture of all call recordings. Transcribed audio files can be easily uploaded into a data warehouse or analytics engine, with speaker separation, and include time stamped audio and call metadata making it easy to search and analyse all your call recording data in one place.

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