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Speed, accuracy and reliability are prerequisites of any solution designed for the emergency services or other safety-minded organisations.

With a long history of working with police, fire, coastguard, transportation and construction services, Red Box understands the needs of public safety organisations. That’s why we’ve designed Quantify Recording Suite to help your organisation keep a record of and enhance its mission-critical responses.

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Advanced voice, data and call recording

Red Box Quantify Recording Suite is a smart, dependable and easy-to-use software solution for securely recording and rapidly replaying voice and data communications.

Quantify provides the advanced functionality to support the requirements of the emergency services and other safety-minded organisations. Features include instant replay for fact and caller identification, and the ability to reconstruct incidents for disclosure of evidence.

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Key features for public safety organisations

Half of police forces in Great Britain have chosen Red Box Quantify for recording emergency calls and communications. Its comprehensive functionality enables your organisation to:

  • Capture and store emergency calls as well communications between public safety workers in the field
  • Replay calls instantly for fact verification
  • Monitor calls in real-time so managers can assist when needed
  • Investigate and compile evidence of incidents for legal disclosure
  • Identify the training needs of call handlers to improve call handling speed and accuracy

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Record every communication

No matter how the public contacts you, or how you communicate across your organisation and with others, Red Box Quantify has it covered with wide connectivity and functionality that lets you record:

  • Fixed-line and mobile telephony
  • Trunked radio networks from vendors including Motorola and Cassidian
  • Ambient microphones (CTU)
  • Integrated Communication Control systems (ICCS)
  • Computer Aided Despatch (CAD) systems
  • Desktop computer screens

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Highly resiliant

Uninterrupted call recording and access to communications are vital for public safety organisations. The Red Box solution is designed to ensure that you don’t miss a word.

  • Deployment of primary and secondary servers means that if there is a problem with the primary,  the secondary will immediately take over recording. For added resiliency, primary and secondary recorders can be deployed at separate locations
  • Unique frame-based recording minimises data loss in the event of hardware failure by writing data to disk every few seconds
  • Built-in monitoring and alerting provides administrators with an overview of system status

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Implementation tailored to you

Red Box Quantify gives provides the flexibility to meet every challenge:

  • Integrates easily with chosen technology environment
  • Works with ICCS and CAD systems to help you search on criteria such as operator ID, talk group, ISSI or incident number
  • Easy and fast to install so you can focus on providing the best possible service
  • Highly secure with authentication and obfuscation of recordings
  • Ensures the highest levels of resilience with automated failover
  • A single, scalable software solution with a licence for life

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Find out about Quantify Recording Suite

A single, flexible software solution

Quantify enables you to quickly locate and listen to audio recordings through its core search and replay functionality. Tailor your solution to your organisation’s needs by choosing additional smart options:

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