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Demonstrating compliance with ever-tightening global regulations that require financial institutions to keep a secure and accurate record of communications, including telephone, dealerboard and mobile phone conversations, can be tough challenge. A vital part of the solution is knowing that you can reliably record, store and retrieve all your voice and data communications whenever they’re needed.

With Red Box Quantify Recording Suite you get a highly advanced and easy-to-use recording solution that’s designed to help  organisations in financial sectors comply with regulations.

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A reliable and proven recording solution

Red Box Quantify is trusted by financial institutions of all sizes, right up to the biggest names in the City.  This powerful software solution helps you to:

  • Validate trades and other business activity quickly and easily
  • Accurately reconstruct events for auditors
  • Rapidly resolve disputes and investigate fraud
  • Monitor back-office performance to drive targeted employee training

Meeting global compliance demands

Quantify is designed to help your organisation comply with the latest demands of regulators around the world. If you trade in the OTC derivatives or another heavily regulated market, the ability to keep and securely store trading records is key to regulations from bodies including the CFTC and SEC in the USA,  ESMA  in the European Union and the FCA in the UK.

Failure to comply with regulations could mean heavy financial penalties for your organisation. With Quantify, the time to ensure you have a working solution in place is now.

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Search and replay communications for record-keeping

Quantify Recording Suite with built-in Search and Replay helps organisations meet requirements for recording, storing and searching transactions for record-keeping. This includes regulations promulgated by bodies including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Whether your organisation uses fixed-line, mobile phones or dealerboards across its front, middle and back offices, Quantify Recording Suite can be relied upon to capture all voice communications.

To comply with legislation, Quantify uses a centralised time protocol which ensures that all recordings are timestamped using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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Store data securely data to the highest standards

For all organisations in the financial sector, data security is vital. Rules such as CFTC Rule 1.31 and SEC 17a-4 require that data is protected against alteration and deletion, with Write Once, Read Many (WORM) compliance central to this.

Quantify Recording Suite helps you achieve compliance. Its frame-based technology stores recordings in a proprietary format for secure preservation of data. All active recording channels across a system are saved into single frame files, each containing just a few seconds of data. This unique method means that there’s no fragmentation of stored data and minimal loss in the event of system failure.

To further comply with regulations, Quantify is compatible with leading WORM-compliant Network Attached Storage (NAS) archiving devices.

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Highly connective and resilient

Red Box Quantify integrates easily with your existing system architecture and provides the resilience you need for business continuity.

  • Works with your current TDM and IP trading environment such as BT, IPC, Etrali, IP Trade and Speakerbus
  • Can record mixed communication types such as TDM, IPT, VoIP, SIP, H323 and analogue channels
  • Provides Microsoft Lync integration to capture audio conversations and instant messenger communications
  • Integrates with SIM-based mobile recording solutions from Teleware and Natterbox
  • Authenticates and stores data in a proprietary format for high security
  • Highly resilient with support for automated failover
  • Built-in monitoring and alerting

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Highly flexible and scalable

As the voice and data recording industry’s most agile deployment, Red Box Quantify offers advanced, highly usable and totally flexible functionality.

  • Available as an on-premise or virtual solution
  • Wide choice of feature-rich Quantify applications for comprehensive functionality
  • Just one scalable and flexible software solution with a single, lifetime licence
  • Full resilience options using secondary recorders

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A single, flexible software solution

Create the solution that’s exactly right for your organisation by choosing the Quantify applications you need:


“Red Box continues to support our ongoing replacement programme with a simple and effective recording solution. In particular, the ability of this latest system to record both turrets and IP telephony in a single solution will enable us to streamline our infrastructure and ensure we are best placed to operate in a compliant and responsible manner.”

Chawakarn Shinapatchaiyaporn

Senior Technical Support Manager

Bank of Thailand

“We needed a recording solution that has the scope and functionality to be used across our multiple trading sites. The ease of use and flexibility of the Red Box Quantify system means we are best placed to meet our recording needs now and in the future.”

Keith Hill

Senior Manager for Network Services

Scotiabank Trading floors

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