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In competitive markets where customer loyalty can easily be lost through poor service, the performance of call and contact centres is vital. The Red Box Quantify voice and data recording solution provides opportunities to raise service levels while reducing operational costs. Not only does this powerful software suite record calls to help your business or organisation to assess service quality and identify agent training needs, it also enables customer interactions to be analysed, which supports decision-making.

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Quickly verify facts and resolve disputes

The ability to record and quickly replay incoming, outgoing and internal calls is a key feature for call and contact centres that want swift access to information for fact verification and dispute resolution. With Quantify Search and Replay it’s easy to listen to recorded calls by performing custom searches based on metadata such as date, caller name and number. And when you’ve identified a recording that you want to replay, listen to it using Quantify’s built-in Media Player.

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Achieve greater performance and satisfaction

Red Box’s smart call recording functionality helps you to optimise your workforce and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Monitor call and contact centre quality and performance
  • Obtain an overview of customer interactions and trends to assist with decision-making
  • Gain insight into what customers think of your company, products and services
  • Identify employee training and coaching needs to improve confidence and skills, and reduce agent churn
  • Assess agent performance through audio and screen recording
  • Ensure employees adhere to comply with regulations, policies and procedures
  • Resolve disputes by investigating complaints and fraud
  • Avoid regulatory punishment by protecting customer card payment details through PCI suppression

Provide targeted coaching and training

To deliver high-quality service at all times, organisations need to train agents to the right level, and reduce employee churn by keeping those agents engaged. Retaining employees can be key to reducing recruitment and operational costs so it’s important to keep your workforce motivated and feeling valued. Red Box Quantify gives you tools to help you improve skills and moral throughout your organisation by recording calls and providing a way to assess employee performance and deliver personalised coaching and training.

With Quantify QM’s built-in scheduler, managers and team leaders can automatically – on demand or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – retrieve and listen to calls for pre-selected or random agents.  Calls can then be evaluated against pre-set or custom questions and once an area for improvement is identified, a coaching session can be created and agent-specific objectives assigned. When an appraised employee logs in to QM, they can review their evaluation and provide notification of when set objectives are achieved.

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Achieve PCI Compliance

For call and contact centres that record communications but handle card payments, compliance with PCI DSS security standards is vital. PCI regulations do not permit storage of sensitive authentication data such as CAV2/CVC2/CVV2/CID information and failure to comply could result in a large fine.

Red Box’s solution for PCI compliance works by supressing payment details from call and screen recordings and can be triggered both automatically and manually.

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Implementation tailored to you

Feel the benefits without technical complexity. Red Box Quantify is the industry’s most agile deployment:

  • Flexible on-premise and virtual deployment options
  • Designed to integrate with leading telephony systems
  • Telephony types can be mixed, without the need for separate recorders
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • A single, scalable solution with a licence for life

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A single, flexible software solution

Create the solution that’s exactly right for your business by choosing the Quantify applications you need:

  • Record voice, data and calls with Quantify Search and Replay
  • Choose Quantify QM for quality monitoring and evaluation
  • Use Quantify AudioSearch to search large volumes of spoken audio content quickly and accurately for investigation, dispute resolution, call and transaction validation, and compliance checking
  • Record screen activity right across your network with Quantify Screen Data Capture
  • Use Quantify PCI Suppression to suppress customer payment details from recordings to comply with PCI-DSS security standards
  • Preserve and protect recorded calls for investigation with Quantify CallSafe
  • Reduce billing costs by monitoring outbound calls with Quantify Call Management


"The flexibility of the Red Box solution has meant we are able to adapt our recording solution to meet the business' changing requirements. Not only has this supported simple migration to the new telephony platform without disruption, but also enabled us to reduce our footprint by consolidating our contact centre voice recording requirements."

June Potts

Head of Customer Contact

Park Retail

“We’ve been looking at call recording for some time as a way to increase the level of customer service we provide and to provide us with a tool we can use to help resolve disputes. We were very impressed by the Red Box solution, particularly its easy to use interface and ability to deploy on VMware based infrastructure.”

David Edge

Senior ICT Support Engineer

Merlin Housing

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