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Sectors served by Red Box Recorders

For over 20 years, Red Box Recorders has been delivering voice and data recording solutions to business and organisations of all sizes, spanning multiple industries. Don’t worry if your organisation doesn’t fall into one of the industries outlined below, contact us to find out how we can fulfil a solution tailored to your requirements.

Recording for Contact Centres

Improving quality of service while reducing operational costs are key aims of every contact centre. By capturing and analysing customer and workforce communications your business can achieve both of these goals. Discover more about how Red Box is helping contact centres to improve quality of customer service, optimise operational performance and quickly resolve disputes.

Recording for Financial Sectors

The need for financial institutions to keep a secure and accurate record of telephone and other audio communications is greater than ever. Find out how Red Box helps financial organisations of all sizes comply with regulations designed to promote record keeping, improve operational transparency and mitigate risk.

Recording for Public Safety

For public safety organisations, the recording of voice and data communications is key to providing a fast, efficient and well-organised emergency response. Discover how Red Box helps blue light services as well as transportation and construction companies capture mission critical communications for fact verification, incident reconstruction and employee training purposes.

Recording for Government

As demand for governmental accountability grows, public sector organisations are under increasing scrutiny and pressure to deliver outstanding services. But with budgets constantly being squeezed, this can be a huge challenge. Find out about how Red Box’s cost effective voice and data recording solution helps government and public sector organisations improve services levels and performance, and comply with call handling standards.


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"This (Red Box Recording Suite) will enable us to boost performance within the contact centre through enhanced monitoring, evaluation and training, whilst also supporting regulatory compliance and effective dispute resolution."

Nick Coates

Head of Product, Operations and Sales

Abercrombie and Kent

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"Voice recording has become an essential business and operational tool that underpins the performance of our call centre. We have been able to achieve clear benefits in terms of training and dispute resolution by utilising the flexibility, functionality and simplicity of the Red Box system. This is helping us meet our commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service."

Sameer Ali Baig

Telecommunication Inspector

Public Works Authority

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