Record & Retrieve

Converged communications capture that allows efficient conversation reconstruction.

Red Box Recorders’ innovative communications recording solutions help you not only ensure the compliance of your systems but also help you to get the most out of your conversations.

Converged Capture

Single Solution

Our solutions connect to the widest range of business and finance communications systems and record voice, video, IM, and PC screens – all captured efficiently on our single server platforms. Even with multiple communications systems we can cover these with the same, single solution without a problem.

Future Proof

Communication is constantly evolving in today’s digital age. Red Box Recorders understands how essential it is to capture, store and analyse your communications and are always evaluating what’s next.

Powerful Search, Smart Replay

Fast, efficient, and powerful search facilities allow you to deep-dive into your data using multiple metadata criteria including spoken words. Our integrated media players allow quick replay and fine media control for dexterous playback. Live acquire tools allow you to listen to recordings in real time helping you to act fast and effectively.


Meeting Challenges

Our product suite enables you to meet the challenges of the evolving compliance and regulatory landscape, from PCI Suppression through to the complexity of GDPR, Dodd-Frank, and MiFID II.

Managed Service Compliance

Red Box Recorders provide a high quality Managed Service that will strengthen compliance at any stage of your communications recording, reducing stress and increasing your efficiency.

Mitigating Risk

We can help you with all forms of fact verification, liability protection or dispute resolution. Trades, complaints, legal challenges and other incidents can be reconstructed and investigated for fast dispute resolution.

Resilient Recording & Secure Storage


Parallel recording and failover options provide the protection needed to keep businesses operational and compliant.


We provide storage solutions that are fully compliant with all principal global guidelines to meet your retention policies. Our innovative managed service solutions also provide daily checks on the status and performance of your high quality recording platform ensuring full compliance.


Fully networked archiving facilities, including third party Storage Service Provider integrations, combined with flexible access and replay control provide peace-of-mind security.

Key Sectors

Financial Services

Creators of complete communications compliance.

Contact Centres

Enhancing service through people-centred communications capture.

Emergency Services

Safeguarding the capture and reconstruction of critical communications.

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