Quality Management

Using recorded data to drive innovation across your business.

The customer experience is always the main priority. In commerce, quality of service is intrinsic to loyalty and reputation. In public safety, lives can depend on agents answering calls and gathering accurate information fast. In finance, clear, accurate, and regulatory compliant information is essential. With Red Box Recorders you can monitor quality, assess employee performance, and provide personalised coaching and training on our single server platforms.

Industry Best Practice

Automated and Targeted

Best practice in call quality monitoring and performance assessment suggests an automated, targeted approach. The Red Box Recorders Quality Management workflow has been designed to align with this methodology across your business.


Automatically select high value calls, schedule and assign them to the right supervisor for evaluation, using custom evaluation forms and criteria to capture the right data and insight for your organisation.

Customer Service Quality

Business Insight

Measure performance in key areas such as call handling and first-call resolution, then summarise & visualise your evaluation data with targeted reports to get the insights you need.

Raising the Bar

Enable identification of training needs and facilitate targeted coaching to provide a pathway for quality improvements. Raise the bar in every area of service to improve efficiency.

Key Sectors

Financial Services

Creators of complete communications compliance.

Contact Centres

Enhancing service through people-centred communications capture.

Emergency Services

Safeguarding the capture and reconstruction of critical communications.

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