Emergency Services
Capture. Store. Protect.

Safeguarding the capture and reconstruction of critical communications.

Emergency Services

Speed, accuracy and reliability are prerequisites of any solution designed for the emergency services or other safety-focused organisations. With a long history of working with police, fire, coastguard, transportation and construction services, Red Box Recorders understands your needs.

We help organisations comply with internally and externally enforced regulations and standards which require the capture of important communications for record keeping.


emergency calls in UK (2014)*
*BT.com, May 2014


employed in the NHS (2016)*
*ONS - EMP03: Public sector employment by industry


arrests in ENG & WLS (2015)*
*Home Office National Statistics - Police powers and procedures England and Wales 2015

Our Solutions

We record communications across control & incident rooms and workers in the field, with the ability to verify important details, reconstruct events for evidence gathering, and improve quality and training procedures.

Record & Retrieve

Capture, store, and replay communications in a secure, controlled environment. Recordings are stored indefinitely with easy access to let you accurately reconstruct incidents and replay conversations

System Management

Our high quality Managed Service helps you to control your recordings with tools to proactively monitor and maintain all communication

Quality Management

Ensure training needs and targeted coaching is facilitated with customer service quality evaluation against custom criteria

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