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Quantify Recording Suite is trusted by businesses and organisations worldwide to capture millions of recordings per year. It is developed using established technology that provides the levels of connectivity, security and resiliency needed to capture all required communications and maintain business continuity and compliance.

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Converged recording

Converged recording; whether you’re migrating from TDM to VoIP or are running concurrent systems as a long-term strategy, Red Box can manage your recording needs out of the same box.

  • Use just one solution for recording, storing and archiving voice and associated data across your communications infrastructure
  • Experience true hybrid recording which enables a single server to record any number of interface types including VoIP, SIP, TDM, E1, RoIP
  • Concurrent support of TDM and VOIP makes it possible, server dependant, to record up to 480 channels of E1 and 256 of IP with a single recorder
  • Add as many recorders as you need to scale your solution in line with business growth

Find out more about our recording solutions for:

TDM Recording
VoIP and SIP Call Recording
Radio Voice Recording
Mobile Call Recording

Frame-based recording

Red Box’s unique frame-based recording method ensures minimal data loss in the event of system failure by writing all active recording channels to a single frame file every few seconds.

The consistent size of frame files written to disk ensures no fragmentation of stored data and because access to storage media is low, wear and tear is reduced, which can help to improve the reliability and life of your hardware.

The highest levels of resilience

The Red Box solution offers the highest levels of resilience by supporting deployment of primary and secondary recorders with automated failover.

In a typical deployment, if a primary recorder fails, recording is automatically transferred to a secondary recorder so no recording loss is suffered. It’s a far more cost-efficient approach than using two parallel recorders both recording all communications. If your organisation needs additional safeguards, primary and secondary recorders can be deployed at separate locations.

Hosted call recording

For hosted voice suppliers that want to offer customers a solution for voice, data and call recording, Red Box’s Quantify Recording Suite is flexible, quick to deploy and can be scaled to meet evolving business needs.

Our proven hosted recording solution offers hosted voice suppliers:

  • Full multi-tenancy for cost efficiency
  • Massive recording capacity, scaling to thousands of concurrent recordings across multiple end users
  • Wide integration with hosted interfaces
  • Intelligent Voice Distribution Server (IVDS) for dividing IP traffic to appropriate recorders
  • Flexible subscription-based licensing options including time-limited and concurrent licences


Many organisations are already turning to server virtualisation to reduce data centre costs, optimise infrastructure and improve availability and business continuity. Red Box Quantify can easily be installed on virtual machines, making it an excellent recording solution for VoIP users.

Red Box offers high-availability support for the leading virtualisation solutions, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Our web-based Quantify solution enables hosted operating systems and applications to be used in remote locations, with central management and administration.

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