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How you store your voice and data recordings is intrinsic to your ability to achieve compliance and maintain business continuity. To keep a business operational, Red Box delivers the highest levels of resilience to minimise the risk of interruptions to call recording and access to records.


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Call archiving across your network

Archive recordings and data online to any network location and generate offline backups using SAN and NAS network storage.

Red Box’s highly flexible approach to call retention means that archiving is easily integrated into your normal IT processes, requires little online storage and no extra administration. Even better, Red Box compression technology enables you to reduce storage costs by compressing data to up to a tenth of its original size.

WORM compliant with NAS storage

Any business or organisation needing to comply with Write Once, Read Many (WORM) requirements can rely on the Red Box Quantify recording solution. It’s compliant with WORM-compliant NAS archiving products from leading manufacturers so affords the protection that you need.

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Flexible data storage options

Red Box solutions let you choose the secure and resilient storage technology that’s right for you. Complying with regulations can require storing data offline or even off-site. Red Box offers storage solutions for your business regardless of the number of channels you need to record.

Choose low-cost, readily available DVD RAM for 9.4GB of unattended storage that’s ideal for retention and provides easy access to data. When you need larger data throughput or longer periods of unattended archiving that’s also easy on the budget, opt for DDS5 digital tape, offering up to 160GB of storage across two drives.

Whichever data storage format you choose, Red Box’s unique ‘calls plus data’ format ensures you benefit from a full chronological back-up of your call recordings.

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Centralised access to recordings

If you need to deploy multiple recorders to support multiple sites, finding and replaying calls from all sites can be time-consuming.

Deployment of a Red Box Media Server speeds up data retrieval by keeping an archive of data stored at all sites and by providing centralised and secure access to all recordings.


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"We selected the call recording system from Red Box because it was the best solution available in terms of simplicity, functionality and cost. It is helping us to improve our contact centre operation and better meet the needs of our customers"

Mick Bowen

Head of Customer Services

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"Red Box Recorders and Sentinel Technologies have created a call recording solution that meets our precise needs in terms of quality management and compliance. This has provided us with total peace of mind and the ability to build customer loyalty and reinforce our brand values by delivering high levels of service satisfaction."

Chris Kelly

Network/IT Engineer

Patterson Medical

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