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Red Box Recorders delivers the smart difference to customers but that’s not possible without the help and support of our valued business and technology partners. Whether it’s to deliver sales and support, or to make sure that our software integrates seamlessly with suppliers of voice communications, Red Box works closely with all partners to ensure the best possible experience for customers.


Red Box Business Partners

Red Box works with over 300 business partners to deliver outstanding sales and support to customers around the globe. If you want to see the partners we work with or find the nearest partner to you, please click the link below.

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Red Box Technology Partners

Red Box has an open approach to research and development which is why we work with the world’s leading vendors of telephony, radio and trading systems to develop high-class solutions for customers. This means that you can have complete confidence in our technology and capacity to deliver.

See some of our current technology partners

Red Box Recorders Partner Resources

If you are a current partner please register at the Red Box partner portal to receive up-to-date product information and assets. Registration is quick and easy and provides instant access to:

  • Sales & marketing collateral
  • Data and technical information sheets
  • Case studies
  • Optional Red Box newsletter
  • And much more


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For over 20 years Red Box has been helping companies all over the world discover a better approach to voice and data recording. If you are interested in starting a smart partnership, we’d be delighted to hear from you.  Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.




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"Voice recording has become an essential business and operational tool that underpins the performance of our call centre. We have been able to achieve clear benefits in terms of training and dispute resolution by utilising the flexibility, functionality and simplicity of the Red Box system. This is helping us meet our commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service."

Sameer Ali Baig

Telecommunication Inspector

Public Works Authority

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"Red Box Recorders has delivered a high quality and affordable call recording system that provides the necessary flexibility, simplicity and scalability to meet our precise operational needs. In particular, the PCI Suppression has helped the Council comply with PCI DSS in a simple and effective manner."

Lyn Harris

Perth and Kinross Council