• Capture

    Our solutions connect to the widest range of business communications systems with ease, recording voice, video, IM, and PC screens – all captured efficiently on our single server platforms.

  • Secure

    We provide storage solutions that are fully compliant with all global guidelines alongside our innovative managed service solutions providing daily checks on performance.

  • Innovate

    We are passionate about adding value to your converged communications capture and unrelenting in our pursuit of new analytics tools to implement strategic insights.

Why ChooseRed Box Recorders?

Red Box Recorders Asia-Pacific is based in Singapore, with resources supporting Direct and Indirect Client and Partner Management, supported by Technical support skills available nationwide. We help countries across the Asia-Pacific region to ensure compliance for Financial Services & Trading companies, government clients, and contacts centers clients in both Emergency Services Command Control and Private Sector markets.

Red Box have developed a strong network of reseller partners countries in the region, offering a wide range of complimentary and integrated solutions. In the Finance sector, we work with our customers, to ensure that they understand the capabilities of today’s technology and that our platform meets the most stringent MiFID II compliance requirements, which are required under the principle of international equivalence. The introduction of MiFID II to the European financial markets, which comes in to law in January 2018, will significantly impact the entire financial global trading environment and businesses need to make sure they are not only ready but also making the most of their compliance data.

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