Highly accurate speech to text transcriptions to enhance incident reconstruction, legal disclosure, compliance and training processes in public safety organisations

Posted on: 20th March 2018

Posted by: Nadine Edmondson

Live demo on stand G12 at BAPCO 2018

Red Box Recorders, a leader in compliance recording technology, will demo its innovative transcription service on stand G12 at BAPCO 2018, 20-21 March at Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Built on an open extensible API platform, the service enables public safety customers to extend their analysis of spoken voice across their entire communications estate – control room systems, fixed line, mobile and radio networks.

The availability of accurate and timely transcriptions of conversations makes it faster and easier for investigation teams to reconstruct incidents and collate evidence for compliance and legal disclosure. The data sets can also enhance compliance with call handling standards through quality monitoring and identifying coaching requirements for employee training.

Organisations have full and free ownership of the data captured and transcribed by Red Box Recorders. Its comprehensive API architecture is supporting the growth of a best of breed partner ecosystem offering seamless integration with leading compliance archiving and analytics tools to deliver valuable business insights, operational efficiencies and helping to identify risks.

Through a partnership with transcription technology pioneer Speechmatics, Red Box Recorders has pushed the boundaries of what was previously possible in speech recognition quality by using deep and recurrent neural network algorithms, enabling constant learning and improvement. The new facility boasts unprecedented accuracy across the 29 (and growing!) languages supported which include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.


  • Fast and accurate text representation of audio conversations
  • Support of 55+ voice platforms: Control room solutions/PBX/UC/Contact Centre/ Mobile/Radio, including audio from Cisco/Microsoft Video (new and Legacy technologies)
  • Text output includes call metadata and speaker separation
  • Easily imported into BI systems providing additional valuable business insight such as surveillance or quality analysis
  • 29 languages (each with a vocabulary of 250,000 words)

Pete Ellis, CRO, Red Box Recorders said “Response to emergency situations can involve multiple personnel from control room to field. Our transcription facility is a tightly integrated component of the core recording engine, which enables us to accurately produce search-optimised text output of all captured audio which adds value whether for compliance, investigation or operational improvements”

For more than 28 years Red Box Recorders’ innovative voice recording technologies have helped organisations across finance, contact centre, government and public safety sectors to record, search and replay telephone calls and other conversations for fact verification, investigation of business activities and quality monitoring.

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