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As industries become more heavily regulated and companies face increasing competition, the demand for flexible voice and data recording solutions that meet compliance needs has never been greater. For over 28 years we’ve been working closely with our partners to deliver flexible, secure and resilient recording solutions that address specific regulatory needs and take the headache out of compliance.



From financial institutions focused on compliance with legislation that mandates recording for record keeping such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank, contact centres and public safety organisations that need to maintain call handling standards, perform rapid investigations and thorough dispute resolution, right through to any business that controls or processes data and falls within the remit of the upcoming implementation of GDPR – our solutions can deliver key benefits to support complete communications compliance.


Gain full control over the storage and retention periods of your communications recordings.


Get irrefutable evidence of who said what for dispute resolution, liability protection and more.


Enable a complete and accurate log of conversations to be presented in full for evidence gathering and reporting.


Allow recordings to be monitored and assessed for adherence to regulations policies and standards.

Are you compliant?


Financial Institution Compliance

Banks, hedge funds and brokerages operate in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Even more so with regulators such as the PRA and FCA increasing the rules and directives for regulated financial institutions around record keeping, the EU widening the scope for MiFID with MiFID II and the significant changes brought to the US financial market with regulations such as Dodd-Frank. Remaining compliant is becoming more complex and resource dependent.

By capturing conversations across trading floors and offices, we can facilitate compliance with legislation requiring the full capture of voice/data communications for record keeping. As a result, organisations are able to improve operational transparency, deter market abuse and mitigate risk.

  • Encrypted frame-based recording – This unique method of saving and storing recorded data is super secure and highly efficient.
  • Resilience – Automated failover options provide the protection needed to keep businesses operational and compliant.
  • Data Retention –  Gain complete control of your retention policies and ring-fence calls on litigation hold to ensure compliance
  • Audit – Using our transcription service, ensure compliance is being achieved across 100% of calls with the ability to search for specific words and phrases and review as text transcripts to check staff are adhering to scripts and/or covering required legal information and industry regulations.
  • Review – enjoy seamless integration with leading analytics and archiving tools, including Bloomberg Vault.

Contact Centre Compliance

In competitive industries where customer loyalty can be easily lost through poor service, the performance level of contact centres is vital. By capturing an unequivocal record of conversations, we help contact centres comply with internally and externally enforced standards, quickly investigate and resolve complaints and identify employee training needs. Quantify integrates with leading telephony, UC and contact centre agent and supervisor systems to offer seamless solutions for small, medium and enterprise level organisations.

  • Replay recordings on demand – By capturing voice recordings and metadata, our Search and Replay app makes it easy to search for and retrieve the recordings that are of interest to you.
  • Listen to conversations as they happen – Monitor any live recording across your organisation with our LiveAquire app to provide real-time coaching and assistance to employees.
  • Capture screen recordings – Recording screens as well as voice and data offers the ability to monitor employee application handling skills and identify system abuse.
  • Achieve PCI compliance – Comply with PCI DSS security standards through automatic or manual suppression of customer card payment details from audio and screen recordings.
  • Scalability – Our flexible solution makes it easy to capture additional channels when needed.

Public Safety Compliance

For safety-minded organisations such as the emergency services, transportation and construction companies, the recording of voice and data communications is key to providing a fast, efficient and well-organised response. Quantify Recording Suite captures communications across control rooms and from public safety workers in the field. This allows important details to be verified, incidents reconstructed for evidence gathering, and improvements made to quality and training procedures.

  • Accurately investigate incidents – By combining recordings from multiple sources with our event reconstruct tool it’s possible to build a visual timeline of events to compile evidence needed for investigations, audits and more.
  • Search for spoken words and phrases  – With intelligent phonetic-based searching, quickly and accurately mine large volumes of audio content for spoken words and phrases.
  • Extensive connectivity – We integrate with the widest range of telephony and UC platforms to offer seamless recording solutions.

Government Compliance

As demand for government accountability grows, public sector organisations are under increasing scrutiny and pressure to deliver outstanding services. With budgets, constantly being squeezed however, this can be a huge challenge. By recording voice and data, we help government and public-sector organisations of all sizes comply with internally and externally enforced regulations. Our solutions also help to identify ways to improve operational performance.

  • Call authentication – All recordings are given a unique digital signature which proves they haven’t been tampered with.
  • Intelligently monitor telephony channels – See a complete overview of network activity to reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity and optimise network resources
  • Flexible deployment options – Choice of turnkey, software-only and virtual deployment options.

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