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GDPR In Brief

Posted on: 21st April 2017

The EU general data protection regulation is changing. From 25th may 2018 GDPR will apply to all member states paving the way for a ‘digital single market’, repealing the current Data Protection Directive. This will mean that data collectors and processors will have new compliance obligations.

1. Consent, Breaches, and Subject Rights
GDPR aims to strengthen the rights of individual data subjects with access to use of personal […]


5 Principal Challenges of MiFID II

Posted on:

Converged Capture of Communications:
Our solutions connect to the widest range of business communications systems, captured efficiently on our single server platforms.

Resilient Recording & Secure
Storage Solutions
As well as providing storage solutions that are fully compliant with the new MiFID II guidelines (stored for a minimum of 5 years) we […]


The GDPR Countdown

Posted on:

With just over 12 months to go until the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive, contact centres across Europe must consider how these far-reaching changes will affect how they handle and protect the data collected from customer communications. The legislation covers all areas of consumer data and includes new penalties for those failing to comply, meaning financial implications for businesses along with operational considerations. […]


MiFID II in APAC – the impact of regulation

Posted on: 5th April 2017

Last month we were invited to attend the Bloomberg Asia: Bracing Change event in Hong Kong. The seminar explored the challenges of MiFID II compliance in APAC with a host of FS risk and compliance managers from around the globe. […]


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