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Red Box Recorders – our Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility

As a major player in this industry Red Box Recorders is extremely aware of its ethical, social and economic responsibilities, which it also believes are integral to its business success. The company aims to demonstrate these responsibilities through its actions, its corporate policies and its dealings with third parties whom it demands have a similar approach to ethical and sustainable business.

The senior management team takes responsibility for this at every level and makes the appropriate resources available to ensure its successful implementation. However the company is also aware that it is the active support of all its employees that makes this possible.

At the core of this is the Red Box commitment to being open, honest and to having a positive impact on each of its stakeholders including its customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and the communities that its companies operate in. For example, in the UK, Red Box helps raise funds for a number of charities including Cancer Research UK.

Since being founded,  Red Box Recorders has not been involved in legal proceedings related to bribery or corruption anywhere in the world. The company, its shareholders and senior management are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and therefore welcome the Bribery Act 2010 and fully support its goals and aspirations.

In addition the company has put in place robust internal guidance (based on the UK Ministry of Justice Guidance March 2011) and risk assessment policies to minimise the risk of the company, its suppliers or employees becoming involved in any form of bribery and corruption.

The company has also put in place a procedure for any employee to bring concerns forward to the company about any unethical behaviour related to its business activities.

Anti-bribery and code of ethics policy

The Board of Directors and all in senior management at Red Box Recorders Limited are committed to ensuring that Red Box and all of its employees conduct their business in an honest and ethical manner.

Red Box’s anti-bribery objectives

Red Box has a strict zero-tolerance policy to bribery and corruption in relation to all of its business activities.

Our anti-bribery policy applies to all Red Box’s employees, from senior management to the newest joiners. It will also apply to anyone providing services to Red Box as well as employees.

Red Box considers bribery and corruption to include any payment of value, no matter how small or incidental, made to and/or received by any person with  the intention and/or effect of influencing their decision making process and to gain a direct or indirect advantage for Red Box or the person making the payment.

Acts of bribery and corruption will be illegal in most areas in which Red Box operates. Whether or not illegal under the national laws of the country in which the business activity takes place, these acts are likely to be offences under laws with an international reach, such as the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 or the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act 2010. Red Box works from the assumption that any act of bribery or corruption is illegal.

Acts of bribery and corruption go against the high moral and ethical standards with which Red Box conducts its business. Therefore, it will be no defence for any employee to show that any corrupt acts would not be punishable by law if such an act was still contrary to Red Box’s Code of Ethics.

If you have any queries about Red Box’s anti-bribery policy, please send us an enquiry.