• Capture

    Our solutions connect to the widest range of business communications systems with ease, recording voice, video, IM, and PC screens – all captured efficiently on our single server platforms.

  • Secure

    We provide storage solutions that are fully compliant with all global guidelines alongside our innovative managed service solutions providing daily checks on performance.

  • Innovate

    We are passionate about adding value to your converged communications capture and unrelenting in our pursuit of new analytics tools to implement strategic insights.

Why ChooseRed Box Recorders?

Through innovative, agile and cross-platform solutions Red Box Recorders empower our users with increased efficiency, more advanced security and increased assurance for critical services. Red Box Recorders have been capturing voice recording and critical communications data for over 25 years. In that time we have been continually evolving, adapting and innovating. You and your customers have not stood still and neither have we. In today’s digital age we understand how essential the capture, storage and analysis of your unified communications is.

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